The One-Stop Shop for All Your Virtualization Needs


With the emergence of virtualization, IT managers were quick to realize the benefits of virtualizing the data center with the VMware vSphere® platform—fewer physical servers to deploy and manage, and a hedge against rising hardware costs.

But almost as quickly, virtualization’s benefits and ease of use have set loose a stampede of data center challenges. IT managers using standalone virtualization platforms find themselves scrambling to contend with VM sprawl, over provisioning of virtual machines, limited visibility into IT performance and capacity, and sluggish time to resolution.

Placing IT managers back in control of their virtualized environment requires an integrated virtualization platform with centralized and consistent management to monitor the health, risk, and efficiency of their data center, and the tools to safely automate their virtualized environment. VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™ provides that one-stop shop with the all components necessary for a new model of IT, including extensibility to the hybrid cloud and support for business mobility.

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