Rapidly Expand Service Agility


Imagine you’re responsible for provisioning a large team of users with all the software they need to be productive, including enterprise-scale systems, web apps, mobile apps, and desktop office tools. These solutions may reside on your network, in the cloud, or on client machines. Fortunately, you have a single system of record for quickly provisioning software and managing change, so you can respond nimbly to user requests and evolving business needs.

Does all this sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s what service agility looks like for a growing number of ServiceNow customers around the world. New IT operations management (ITOM) best practices reliably deliver service agility, often for a smaller investment of time and money than you expect. By developing a strategy to drive service agility, you can transform IT from technology gatekeepers to technology solution providers. You also help IT and your internal service providers in finance and HR to save hours every week.

This ebook can help you understand how agile your service are today and find the shortest and safest path to service agility tomorrow.

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