Webinar: Nemertes Research on VDI: Future Network Requirements


Explore the network changes required to optimize the benefits of VDI and SD-WAN’s potential impact

Virtual desktops and apps have revolutionized how enterprises deliver applications to their users. To maximize the benefits received from VDI, organizations need a reliable network infrastructure that can support the requirements of VDI.

In this webinar, Nemertes Research and Citrix explore the changes required from the network to optimize the benefits of VDI and dive into SD-WAN’s prospective impact on its growth and expansion.

View the “Nemertes Research on VDI: Future Network Requirements” webinar to learn:
• Whether VDI is still relevant in a cloud and SaaS world
• How to build a network that delivers the best user experience for VDI
• What changes a large-scale deployment of VDI will mean to the network
• How to use the cloud as an integral part of VDI

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