Modernizing Application Delivery With VMware Horizon: Successful Business Transitions to VMware


Security and manageability are driving IT professionals to reimagine how applications and data are securely delivered to end-users. End-user demand, IT management complexity, and the current threat landscape have companies looking at their existing investments in desktop delivery, application delivery, and endpoint security to determine how their current strategies map with new business, IT, and information security priorities.

Businesses are in a state of change as companies prioritize the delivery of applications and data. Businesses are prioritizing investments in management, security, and improved application delivery. Companies like VMware are locked into these opportunities, and innovating quickly to address changing IT requirements, end-user expectations, and security professional mandates.

Download the ESG whitepaper to read these stories of successful business transitions to VMware and learn why you should consider moving your desktop and application virtualization solution from Citrix to VMware.

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