Mobilephobia: Curing the CISO’s Most Common Mobile Security Fears


When you have a smartphone or mobile device, the world is at your fingertips. Every day, there are new possibilities for mobile entertainment, shopping, banking, connecting socially and getting work done. But the speed at which mobile technology is changing has created dangerous gaps in security, and cybercriminals have taken notice.

At the same time, addressing the increasing number and sophistication of cyber threats is more challenging than ever. In today’s mobile enterprise, the lines are blurred between personal and corporate assets, and IT organizations have to do much more than simply protect a corporate-owned device. In fact, the protection of personal data, ranging from electronic health information to financial records, is often mandated by evolving government regulations worldwide.

To meet these challenges, IBM has developed a comprehensive portfolio of mobile security solutions that address four key mobile security challenges: protecting devices, securing content and collaboration, safeguarding applications and data, and managing access and fraud. The portfolio also includes a layer of security intelligence for advanced threat detection. IBM Security solutions emphasize an intelligent, integrated and innovative approach that can help your organization stay ahead of emerging threats, manage operational risks and lower the cost of maintaining a strong security posture.


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