Data Security Architecture Overview


The Vormetric Data Security Architecture white paper provides an understanding of the architectural underpinning of Vormetric Data Security Platform, a comprehensive solution for a data-centric security architecture for minimizing the attack surface of sensitive data and to assist in meeting data compliance requirements.  It uses Vormetric Data Firewall™, encryption, access controls and security intelligence across

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GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center A New Way to Buy and Easily Manage SSL Certificates


The business and security benefits of GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center. IT departments face a range of issues-some obvious, some more subtle-when dealing with SSL certificates. These issues can have serious business and security consequences. GeoTrust Enterprise Security Center was designed with customer input to address these problems.

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HyTrust Announces New Funding & Strategic Partnership With In-Q-Tel


HyTrust mitigates the concentration of risk that virtualization introduces, and the … The gold standard for cloud and virtualization security, HyTrust means control, …

AirStrip Becomes First mHealth Vendor in the Microsoft AppsForSurface Program


Coinciding with the Microsoft announcement, AirStrip is finalizing plans for expanded functionality for AirStrip ONE Cardiology that will support mobility …

green computing Quantifying Cloud Energy Efficiency Study Funded by Google It’s true that cloud computing technology’s main appeal is the benefits it provides …


green computing Quantifying Cloud Energy Efficiency Study Funded by Google It’s true that cloud computing technology’s main appeal is the benefits it provides …

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BIND security update closes DoS vulnerability


The BIND developers have released BIND versions 9.6-ESV-R9-P1, 9.8.5-P1 and 9.9.3-P1 to fix a vulnerability that can be exploited by attackers to crash the …

Global WLAN Market Remains Strong In Q1


Enterprise WLAN sales jumped by 19.3%, with investment driven by the rapid adoption of mobile devices and the implementation of enterprise mobility …

Midwinter puts planning software into the cloud


Midwinter has integrated all its planning tools into the Advice Operating System (AdviceOS), softwarethat planners can access from the cloud.

Software-Defined Netapp – Always Makes The Right Moves When They Count And Its Software Defined Storage (SDS)


Remember this time in tech history. It’s a time where “Software-defined {_____}” became the new mega tech trend that is decimating the …

Australian government announces its National Cloud Computing Strategy


ndeed, Sophos is part of the NSCCC, or the Australian National Standing Committee on Cloud Computing, to give its full title, and both security …

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