Endpoint Security: It’s Not Just Black or White


Learn how the meshed defense of blacklisting and whitelisting can detect and block both malicious payloads and malicious actions that compromise a system and its network infrastructure.

AV TEST Report: Proactive Rootkit Protection Comparison Test


Growth rates in malware show the need for pro-active protection measures against zero-day attacks. Learn from AV TEST how the pro-active approach of McAfee’s Deep Defender is capable of providing a very good level of protection against kernel-mode and MBR rootkits.

NSS Labs Report: Corporate AV/EPP Comparative Analysis


The results of NSS Labs in-depth testing of 41 individual exploits and over 200 attack scenarios reveals significant differences in the defensive capabilities of 11 leading endpoint protection solutions.

SANS Whitepaper: Correlating Event Data for Vulnerability Detection and Remediation


Learn how network attacks can be avoided by utilizing a SIEM platform that combines historical data with real-time data from network sources and security policies to provide context around application usage, user behaviors, and other operations — for better, more accurate reporting.

McAfee Security-As-A-Service: Always On Guard With A Broad Security SaaS Portfolio


Is your IT department stretched thin? Are you experiencing tighter budgets and a shortage of staff to administer and manage software? McAfee Security-as-a-Service solutions are designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive set of security products built in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This strategy takes advantage of McAfee’s core strength in threat prevention, a diverse

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