Analyst Report: NetScaler AppFirewall is Ranked #1 in the Market by NSS Labs


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NetScaler AppFirewall is Recommended by NSS Labs in the Web Application Firewall test. NSS labs, a recognized leader in independent security research and testing did a real world testing of leading WAF vendor products based on their security effectiveness, performance, and TCO.

NetScaler AppFirewall ranked as a leader in security effectiveness with the lowest TCO by NSS Labs Testing of WAFs in 2017.

NetScaler AppFirewall also excelled as a high performing WAF (max. Connections per second (CPS) and Transactions per second (TPS)) against other WAFs.

Security Effectiveness: NetScaler AppFirewall blocked 100% of attacks achieving an overall block rate of 99.07%

• NSS Labs WAF security effectiveness tests included testing against OWASP Top 10 such as Injection, Cross Site Scripting, security misconfigurations etc. This test also included detecting and logging breaches and attempted breaches accurately, while remaining resistant to false positives.
• Performance: NetScaler AppFirewall also received high scores (max. CPS and TPS) against other WAFs.
• There is usually a trade-off between security effectiveness and performance. Because of this, it is important to judge a product’s security effectiveness within the context of its performance as well.
• Stability and Reliability: NetScaler AppFirewall passed 100% of all stability and reliability tests.
• Long-term stability is particularly important for an inline WAF solution, where failure can product network outages. NSS Labs tested the stability of the WAF solutions along with its ability to maintain security effectiveness while under normal load and while detecting malicious traffic
• TCO: NetScaler AppFirewall has the lowest TCO when compared to other WAFs while maintaining excellent security effectiveness AND performance!

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